V2 Fidget Cube
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Product Description

V2 Fashion Fidget Cube Toy with 360 Degree Active Rocker to Ease The Pressure Vinyl Desk Toy for Adult Children Best Xmas Gift

1. Gear: There are three gears, you can wave rolling, outgoing crisp and harmonious sound
2. Rotary disk: A circular disk, more flexible
3. Button: game button quick experience, enhance the texture with ABS material
4. Silica ball: soft and delicate feel, full of flexibility
5. Switch: Point switch, experience the ubiquitous switch rhythm
6. Rocker: 360 ° active rocker, all-round rotation
7. Silicone rope: free contraction, can be hung in any place, not afraid of missing
8. Soft silicone: small soft touch, the finger has the role of blood circulation massage
9. Repeated friction with the surface with your fingers, can effectively relieve stress and trouble



Material: ABS+PC

N.W: About 67g

Size: 69.5 x 61.9 x 74.4cm

Color: 9 Colors


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